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SALEM REGION has the largest number of hill temples of Murugan, Shiva and Perumal with each having its historical significance. These old temples are decorated with wonderful sculptural work and cravings. Our neighboring district NAMAKKAL which was earlier part of SALEM has the famous ANJANER AND THE NAMAGIRI AMMAN TEMPLE and the Arthanareeswarar temple at Thiruchengode both are at a travel distance of one hour

The Salem Handloom industry is one of the most ancient cottage industries and producing quality sari, dothi and angavasthram out of silk yarn and cotton yarn. In the recent past, home furnishing items are also woven mainly for export purposes. They are known for their quality products and durability.

Do come a day earlier to visit the temples and do shopping.

Must visit temples around Salem,

1. Tharamangalam
2. Kandasramam
3. Namakkal
4. Thiruchengode

Must visit handloom industries around Salem,

1. Vanavasi
2. Sinthamaniyur
3. Elampillai
4. Kondalampatti

Contact person:
Mrs. Lakshmi Siddharthan
Mobile No. 98940 18760

Whatsapp group will be formed for the required arrangements

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